Saturday, September 19, 2009

"Criminal Profiler" Pat Brown Is a Fake!

will the real pat brown please photo shop

if you are new to this blog hold onto your seat.

if you ever thought that for 19.99 you too could give your opinion of crimes in the news and get paid for it then you are in the right place. truth is, you can't.

if you ever wondered who pat brown is, then you are in the right place.

this blog will give you everything you ever wanted to know about self-proclaimed "investigative criminal profiler" pat brown. an ex-private investigator (i use this term loosely) check old d.c. records for yourself and you will understand.

this blog is for public use.

if you know of pat brown and her lies then share them here. this is the place.

if you know of any actual cases pat brown has "worked" on and been brought in by a law enforcement agency this is the place to share that knowledge.

if you are her bartender donna weaver. oh wait. her investigator. then don't bother blogging here.

if you want to remain anonymous that is okay. pat brown shoudln't mind. she does it everyday on hundreds of websites trying to discredit the real guys.

if you are one of her girlfriends that write crime stories for a living don't bother blogging here.

the reason for this blog is to expose a true fraud.


5150 said...

Pat Brown is a fraud, yes. I have documentation that can show that Ms. Brown has been operating a fraudulent private investigation agency in Washington, D.C. and Minneapolis, MN for the past several years. She tags on the moniker, "investigative" in front of criminal profiler thinking she is fooling people. In essence, Ms. Brown provides private parties with a private investigation and continues to call herself a profiler.

As far as her rediculous comments on her blogs and on CBS and NBC and Nancy Grace, it is interesting to me that these producers are that uneducated.

If you have been defrauded by Ms. Brown or believe you might have been, leave a comment.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed. It's plainly obvious to any educated individual that Pat Brown is a fraud! She has not worked on one single bone-fide 'case' and yet she refers to herself as a 'criminal profiler'. Well, I sing in the bath too, and I think my voice is amazing in my deluded moments too. But that doesn't cause me to set myself up as a singing celebrity on the net! Pat Brown holds an MA and she abuses it by sucking uneducated people into believing that degree makes her something it clearly does not make her! She accuses all number of others of being 'narcissists' when it's abundantly clear that she suffers this condition herself. Narcissists, you see, require instant gratification and admiration from others, and therefore rarely have the necessary staying power required of a bone fide professional career. So Pat- a typical narcissist, inflates the meaning of her MA to include an 'expertise' that it does not cover. No wonder she hates people like Kate and Gerry McCann who, unlike herself, clearly possess the capacity to obtain bone-fide 'titles' that require endless hours of work and study, where one is not entirely focussed on oneself!

Anonymous said...

Just saw her on "Inside Edition". I looked her up because I had never heard of her. To be a legitimate criminal profiler, you have to have a degree in psychology or psychiatry. She doesn't have a degree in any of the mental health sciences.
I have given up on the media wanting to report on the truth. Apparently, they hire her because she will say whatever they want her to say.

Cate said...

Just glad to see that there are others who have identified her as a self-proclaimed "opinionist". She reminds me of a joke article that contained the line "undaunted by the data..."

Cate said...

For the sake of Lisa Irwin's parents, I hope that the Greek Roma girl is Baby Lisa. I also hope it for the sake of "Pat Brown, wrong AGAIN!"

And then Madeleine McCann will be found and Amanda Knox exonerated once and for all.


Anonymous said...

Pat Brown speaks far more sense about the Mccanns than the media do. They admitted (youtube their interview) that they didn't even physically search for their missing baby! You choose to praise them and criticise Pat Brown? Hmmm

Anonymous said...

Oh and I'm not a friend of hers! I'm a mother from North London who looks at both sides of every story and Pat Brown has spoken sense unlike the Mccanns!

CatE said...

I agree about Pat Brown's analysis of Madeleine McCann's disappearance. It is her comments about Amanda Knox that really bother me.

Anonymous said...

Do you know where Pat Brown researched the McCann case? On twitter and hate filled forums. She's a bad joke. Leave it to the cops.

Anonymous said...

I believe that she actually went to Portugal and did her best to reconstruct the McCann case. She actually did some digging, literally, for the body, as well. So the McCann case investigation holds a little more water than her usual judgmental, snarky comments.

Anonymous said...

Just saw Pat on "Murder Among the Pharaohs". Thought I would try to find out a bit about her. Got a good belly laugh out of the joker who said she couldn't be a "legitimate criminal profiler" because she didn't have a degree. Ability and results are what matter. Can she do the work? A degree is only important to universities and bureaucrats. Now, I'll try to find some REAL information about her, not just whiny little insults from nobodies.

HelioBlue said...

Here is someone able to influence a wide scope of people through media hype without a shred of education that would qualify her to do so. The state that licensed her to have an agency should be notified before bereaved loved ones of victim actually pay that idiot to work for them. If she is not licensed she should be shut down. She is completely uneducated in the field of forensic psychology. Her statements are nothing but random off the wall babble. She should be brought to the attention of the FBI fraud unit immediately. Being a TV personality in no way educates you to the degree of knowledge required to be a forensic psychologist.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I didn't do research on who she was and tried to get some (minimal) help on a thing (like what would this kind of killer be?). She called me rude names and told me I was wasting her time because I didn't address her properly in the original email