Sunday, January 10, 2010

"Time for Me on MSNBC"

Self-titled criminal profiler, criminologist, crime scene investigator....Oh, enough already.....Pat Brown's Facebook page is blowing up with a tremendous amount of professional commentating....Here, take a look:
Criminal Profiler Pat Brown Time for for me on MSNBC! Now 8:30, 10:30, and 11:30

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown I will be on MSNBC at 8 and 10 AM discussing the missing baby, missing lottery winner, and burned model.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown I will be on Nancy Grace again tonight at 8 PM EST to talk about the strange missing Arizona baby case.

The list goes on......

Ms. Brown, are you more concerned about getting your face out there or are you more concerned with criminal profiling?

Ms. Brown, please update your website: Please let us know about your relationship with John Philpin. Explain to us his professional relationship with your "agency."

Ms. Brown, is your "agency" a not-for-profit organization? If so, why? You have a "PayPal" widget on your site asking people to donate to the "S.H.E." network. Is this also a not-for-profit organization? If so, why? This would be illegal.....Oh know that.

Ms. Brown, I'm glad to see you are reading this blog. It supports the narcissistic personality theory. (And for the record, I'm not Melissa or Michelle or whatever her name is. She already contacted me and is quite upset that you think it is her. Leave that poor woman and her colleague and friend Corey Mitchell alone for God's sake!)

Ms. Brown, What cases are you currently working on? In the past year...month....weeek? What corporations have you consulted with on risk and threat assessment and what are your credentials and professional experience in these areas?

Ms. Brown, How much longer do you think this charade can go on? You can fool some of the people some of the time.....I give it to you, you have pulled off a national best-seller for the past ten or so years.

Please post something of substantive worth on your Facebook page or your "agency" page. Something other than "How to become a criminal profiler" or your personal rediculous opinions about people. You recently completed your online education. Didn't you have to submit at least one research paper in order to graduate? Post it. Let us read something based in scientific method. This could clear up a lot of questions.

Ms. Brown:

1. You give personal opinions on narcissistic personalities quite frequently on the television. You speak of these criminal personalities and their Facebook or Myspace pages and how they spoke about themselves prior to getting caught in grandiose ways....Ms. Brown, please let your public know how this differs from your own Facebook and Myspace work?

2. Ms. Brown, please clear something up once and for all for everyone: WHAT CASE OR CASES HAVE YOU WORKED ON (BEEN BROUGHT IN BY L.E. AND PAID FOR) WITHIN THE PAST TEN YEARS....I'll make it easy for you: The past year. I know real the you?